Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Categories Added

As requested by a contributing member, the following categories have been added to
  • Max 1 Rep: Back Squat
  • Max 1 Rep: Front Squat
  • Max 1 Rep: Overhead Squat
  • Max 1 Rep: Deadlift
  • Max 1 Rep: Bench Press
  • Max 1 Rep: Clean
  • Max 1 Rep: Jerk
Several users have also started using the custom workout feature to track their nutrition. While I never saw as much of a nutrition tracker myself, I certainly see the benefit of having all your workout and nutrition information in one place. Now that I have also started to track nutrition on, I've added a "Nutrition Log" category for that purpose.

Some folks have asked me how I format my entries to get bullet points and basic formatting. Check out the textile formatting guide to get your posts looking their best.

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