Monday, July 28, 2008 launches!

As soon as I started getting into Crossfit, I realized that it would be important to keep track of my workouts to track my progress. Lots of folks use the Crossfit message boards to post workout results and others create their own blog to jot down their stats. Unfortunately, both of these options make it pretty hard to tell how much you're improving.

I wanted something better. I wanted to track my workouts easily. I wanted to see a nice graph, depicting my time for a particular workout over time. How much faster was I getting? How long did it take to make that 10% improvement on my "Helen" time?

I looked around and found a few attempts at this problem, and found them all lacking. I started to jot down notes of how I'd like to see a fitness tracker work, and decided to build one.

My wife had a girls weekend away planned, which left me with two evenings with not much to do. After two nights of hacking, I'm happy to announce the first official public release of!

The site is free to use for everyone. If you have any suggestions or other feedback to give, let me know!

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