Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Feature: Logging stats in time format

Many Crossfit workouts are not only tough, but you're supposed to do them as fast as you can! So far, on statulo.us you've only been able to enter time in numbers. A time of 10:30 is easily logged as 10.5, but what about all those other not-so-nice looking fractions?

Starting today, statulo.us will accept both numeric and time-based log entries. You may enter 10.5 or 10:30 and we'll do the right thing with it. You'll notice that your workout log and RSS feed has been updated appropriately.

Statulo.us keeps track of other types of data too. You wouldn't want to see your weight logged in minutes, would you? You'll notice that some workouts, along with running pace and weight are displayed as numbers. This is also true for "Custom workouts", since each of those entries could be different.

Keep tracking!

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